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Efficient Wheelchair Home Access & Commercial Plumbing 

Have the convenience of wheelchair home or office access with our plumbing services. Our professionals make it easier for you to move around your home as you get older, or keep your plumbing working well at your business.

Senior Services

We offer accessibility and senior services so you can maintain your independence in your home or office by making it more accessible. We're happy to install grab bars, faucets that are easier to use, and toilets that are 3 inches higher so it's easier on your knees. We can also provide renovation services to add a bathroom or kitchen on a first or second floor to reduce the need for stairs. 


Making Your Space Accessible

We help you attain ease of mobility in your home or commercial location with products designed to increase independence and safety. Depending on what you need, we can customize your home to make it more accessible and convenient for safer and more independent living.

Our company offers these services to homes as well as office buildings, restaurants, and small businesses. Many building managers who do not have their own maintenance staff rely on us.

Woman in Wheelchair - Commercial Plumbing
Contact us to increase the accessibility of your home or office.